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Pest Control

What is Integrated Pest Management?


In the olden days Pest Controllers were called EXTERMINATORS and that was exactly what they would do. They would use pesticides that would kill a brown dog, you, your family and himself, which meant that they would have to have several regular yearly blood tests for buildup of the organophosphates in their blood stream.

Now with the wonderful advances in pesticides using naturally occurring Pyrethrum which is the name of a plant in the chrysanthemum family and the insecticidal goo that is extracted from it. Scientists have created a new line of Pesticides that pin point target with effectiveness just the pest species we are looking to manage.

Integrated Pest Management is a more holistic approach to managing pest species in our surrounding environment. It looks at the whole instead of just splashing around deadly chemicals, Pest Management Technicians look at all aspects of managing the pest population from;

1. Preventative Measures

2. Sanitation

3. Chemicals Applied

The pest management technician will do a complete examination of the property looking for access points and making suggestions to help you repair or maintain physical barriers. They will also look at sanitation and make sure to make suggestions about removing food sources, either by cleaning up greasy surfaces that don’t usually see the light of day, or covering and sealing food in order to make the area less hospitable for pests. Finally we apply pesticides in and around the area in order to target the specific problems or challenges being faced.

These three measures mean that you receive our patented pyramid of protection, an all-encompassing pest management solution that not only looks at treating the existing problem but also helps to prepare the area to ensure risk of future infestations are minimized.

With our family friendly pesticides that are used with low to no mammalian toxicity we use in line with our environmentally friendly and corporate harm reduction strategy we ensure the safety of you, your family and your pets whilst killing pests fast.