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Pest Management

We guarantee to provide safe, effective and long lasting treatments when it comes to professional Pest Control.

People need pest control for many reasons. Some have a current issue with pests that have established themselves in their home while others are moving house and simply require a basic treatment to satisfy their landlord or Property Manager. Either way Australian Certified Property Solutions are able to assist you with a variety of differing packages dependent upon your needs and budgetary requirements.

It is important that your home is treated regularly for household pests such as cockroaches, spiders, ants and silverfish. This assists with keeping it a healthy home for you and your family.

Successful and effective pest control is a combination of 3 things – Sanitation – Preventative Measures and Chemicals applied. Firstly Sanitation – keeping the home clean and hygienic and pets treated regularly for fleas and ticks. Secondly, upon arrival, our Pest control technician will first conduct a thorough investigation of your home environment and offer you valuable tips and suggestions to maintain effective management of the pests with preventative measures in your home environment. And lastly our licenced pest control technician will then apply a treatment which has low to no mammalian toxicity. This basically means the products we choose to use are completely safe for you, your family and your pets.

The products are highly effective for the purpose we use them for.

You can never entirely free your home from foraging insects, but you can certainly make it undesirable so they never become established in your home.

If you have any questions about our services or the products we use, feel free to contact us and one of our pest management specialists will be happy to help with your enquiry.



A pet can bring delight, love and joy into your life. It also may bring in some other things that are less welcome. Fleas and ticks, those small pests that feed on our pets, can create big problems for pet owners.

A bad flea infestation can quickly cover both your pet and your house. The longer you wait to fight back, the bigger the problem grows. Don’t wait! Call US today!



Wasps strike fear into the heart of anybody, usually because of some distant experience with their painful bite. They may look small but they really pack a punch on unsuspecting victims.

Unlike bees they can sting again and again and their sting can have an extreme reaction in some people leading to not only localised pain but even leading to death in extreme cases.



Silverfish are nocturnal and love to live where it is warm, dark and moist. As a result you hardly even notice that they are there. Silverfish quietly eat away on your books and clothes, the damage can be terrible and it is usually already only too late when you notice.

Silverfish love to get amongst your stored materials, be it; books in a box in the shed, or clothes stored in suitcases under the bed. Telltale signs are pepper like faeces left lying around, books falling apart and discolouration on your clothes.



How many great picnics have been ruined by ants? Or even the backyard cricket or footy match because little billy stood in the green ant’s nest?

You can always tell when it’s going to rain by looking at the habits of the ants. Their nests can lead to damage of property and their existence is downright annoying, but they do serve an ecological purpose, so we treat them to keep them out of your house and your sugar bowl.



Spiders annoying dangerous pests or an ancient evil? Few creatures on the face of the planet can strike fear into the hearts of grown men and women like spiders.
Our treatments work to make your home a less hospitable environment thus driving them out of your home and back into the wild where they do their wonderful work, brilliantly well.



Rats and mice are not just pests, they can cause a significant amount of damage and help to spread disease. Rats and mice can fit through very tiny holes and if they cant fit, they will gnaw at an opening until they can.

Both prefer warm to cold and will come inside in the colder months, preferably some place nice and warm near food and water.



Cockroaches come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and carry a variety of dirty little disease carriers.

Not only do they eat garbage, spread disease and contaminate human food sources. They are also responsible for damage to property and electrical equipment.

Certified Property Solutions attack them from 3 different angles to be sure we eliminate them from your environment.


Commercial Pest Control

At Australian Certified Property Solutions, your business is our business. In order to keep you compliant with all relevant government requirements.

We will provide you with a folder, MSDS sheets and a treatment and inspection log in order to give you full government compliance at a glance of your treatment and condition status.