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Water Damage and Restoration

Water Damage and Restoration

The key to dealing with any flood water damage is to remove standing water IMMEDIATELY. Whether this be on hard floor surfaces, wet carpets or in floor void it is imperative that the visible water is removed.

At Australian Certified Property Solutions we use a rapid extraction, this will limit the amount of further water damage and enhance the drying process.

We use the most powerful extraction devices in THE WORLD!! The extraction machine can be portable for those hard to reach jobs or can be truck mounted, either in a van or trailer and can extract up to 900 litres per hour!! With auto-pump out devices this allows continual working.

Water damage disasters can cause devastating damage in most instances. After removal of standing water the next stage of damage mitigation is to clean and sanitise all areas affected by flood waters. There are differing grades of water types with escapes of water coming from clean water sources to contaminated sources such as sewage.

We will clean-up following an escape of water using thorough effective procedures and the latest in equipment and cleaning solutions. It is imperative that the clean-up process is dealt with quickly!! If this process is delayed the contamination grade can change very quickly and as such change the levels of work and cost required.

Floods damaged other parts of your home? Fear not we provide other professional cleaning and structural drying services below.